Daddy’s Day

Okay, so it’s been on my mind to write about our Father’s Day, especially because I wrote about it in my previous post.  I want to stick to my word, even if it’s a whole week late! Life happens, I’m a busy working mom, so I’ll write as I can. I have to tell myself that so I’ll feel better. Oh, how I wish I had more time and energy to do so many things, like write.

Our Father’s Day started off with a stomach ache. Noah felt nauseous and was in pain. I rubbed  his tummy with olive oil and made him a cup of cinnamon tea.  He said he was hungry, so I made him oatmeal and he ate in bed. I texted my friend from church to let her know I would be missing a study session with her.  I am currently learning to study the Bible on my own using a Living by the Book workbook and video series, click here to see it.  It’s actually a very good study session; I’m on my sixth week.  I look forward to this study every Sunday, in addition to going to church.  Unfortunately, I had to miss it that morning because my baby’ tummy was hurting. Once Noah felt a little better, I brought out a nice little surprise for my husband and set it up at our kitchen table for him to see. The boys made special gifts at school for their daddy too. This is what we surprised my husband with:


The boys each made a craft at school. Noah wrapped a baby food jar with nice words about his Daddy. He also made a card with a drawing of him and his daddy.  Ethan had a little picture of a fish which was his whole hand print, painted to look like a rainbow fish. The picture said: “I’m hooked on Daddy,” so cute! They both couldn’t wait to show their Daddy their gifts.  And neither could I.


I went to the Dollar Store during lunch and bought a black box and filled it with treats I knew my husband would like. I especially like the Pistachios’ packaging because my husband IS wonderful. 🙂 I also included a gift card to the movie theater as a way to kind of force us to go on a date. Those are rare for us, something we definitely need to work on!


I made him a card through CardStore. I found a coupon on Retailmenot and saved about $5 on my husband’s and Father-in-Law’s cards! That IS a great deal!


My favorite part of the card were the pictures in the inside.  I am glad I took these pictures of my boys; they made the card extra special for my husband to see his boys dressed like him. Because, one day, they will fit in his shoes and be tall like Daddy!

My husband loved his gifts, which is great because I have a hard time shopping for people!

After the gifts, we got ready really fast for church because Noah was feeling better.  If only we had waited just a little bit longer because as we were pulling out, Noah became nauseous again and vomited in his seat!  My husband parked the car and cleaned it while I went inside to clean Noah.  Thankfully, he felt way better and it wasn’t anything too serious.  Whatever it was, it came out in the car. 😦

It’s kind of funny how Noah got sick on Father’s Day.  It just goes to show that parenting never ends, not even on a day set apart to show Daddy’s how much they are appreciated.  And that’s okay, because that’s what parenting is all about. It’s about taking care of the little ones God has given us, even on our holiday. 🙂

The message on the card is simple, but true.

We Daddy.




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