Creating A Happy Home: Nurture the Relationships With Your Family


Creating a happy home in the city, involves nurturing the relationships with the people in your home. This means, striving to build healthy and strong bonds with each family member, especially with your spouse. I have three strong bonds I need to work on. My Husband. My First born Son. And my Baby boy. These relationships are my priority, second to my relationship with Jesus Christ, of course! 

Because I need to be more intentional about spending time with my family, I want to challenge myself to specifically do nice things for each of my three loves for the next week.  Whether it’s sitting side by side with them doing what they enjoy or doing something extra nice just for them; the point is I’ll intentionally be putting aside my own agenda to spend quality individual time with each one of my boys. And hopefully, I will begin to build habits to not just get my “to do list” done, but to cultivate great relationships with the people I love most.

Starting with my main man,  my Babe, my love of  almost fourteen years. We, by the way, are not THAT old, we just (thankfully)  met VERY young. 🙂  My relationship with him is by far the most important because we set the tone of our home for our kids.  Happy spouse, happy house. 🙂 Being that Father’s Day is just around the corner, I’ve already got something planned to show my husband a little extra love, but considering he may read this…I’m holding off on spilling the beans, for now. I’ll do a separate Daddy’s Day post after my husband gets his gift(s)…(No guessing my Love!!)

My two boys have different personalities in which one would love it if I ate snacks and watched a movie with him and the other would be excited to go outside in the fresh HOT Arizona air and played our version of baseball.  I know movies and outdoor fun await me in the near future; I’m looking forward to it!

Let’s be accountable to create happy homes where we live for the people we love! We need to begin doing something, every day, that will bring us closer to creating a happy home where our family can grow and enjoy life together. What a wonderful way to impact this world, by impacting the lives of the people in own homes! It’s definitely a great calling and ministry.


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