Our Kindergarten Graduate and Weekend Trip to San Diego

We had a blast this last weekend. We took advantage of the three day Memorial weekend and visited family and friends in San Diego, CA. To start off our three day weekend, we celebrated Noah’s kindergarten graduation. He is on his way to 1st grade! This is an exciting milestone, I wrote about it on my other blog, click here to read it. 🙂


Noah got out of school early and we headed home to pack for our trip.  We stopped by El Pollo Loco (aka The Crazy Chicken) for some food on our way “home” (my husband and I are both from San Diego).  Noah (six) was very amused by the direct translation of the name of the restaurant. It really is funny. I love the way kids bring a new perspective to everything! Including Ethan pointing at the cacti outside his window and calling them “my crocodiles”. lol!


I never thought of it, but they do kind of have a crocodile shape!


Our trip from Phoenix to San Diego is about 5.5-6 hours long and we traveled all that time with this in the front seat with us:


It’s an avocado we grew in our home! Here is what the jar we grew it in looked like: It’s amazing

treeMy husband, son and Father in Law planted the tree in my in-law’s back yard! We hope it grows strong, and eat its delicious fruit of course!


wpid-img_20140526_131250942.jpgwpid-img_20140526_130817627.jpgwpid-img_20140526_131108784.jpgAnd because I love the view from my in-law’s home, I had to share this picture: Isn’t it beautiful! Those are hot air balloons in the distance.  So colorful and picturesque! I love waking up early when I visit so that I can sit there sipping coffee and enjoy the view in the stillness of the morning. I actually got to have a little Bible study time too, which was a real blessing!


This is the sunset! The view is amazing all day long!


The day before we had spent a very fun and eventful day with my mom and little sister. And by little, I mean like my son’s age-little. Crazy, right! Here’s a picture of the two, Auntie Karla and Nephew Noah; my son is older by almost six months! Little cuties!


Beautiful background, right?! We went to Coronado in San Diego by taking the blue Coronado Bridge to get across the San Diego Bay. This is the view from the bridge.  You can see Downtown San Diego and the city of Coronado, it’s beautiful.

wpid-img_20140524_131005840.jpgYou can see the bridge in the background in the picture below.

wpid-img_20140524_135902964_hdr.jpgThe weather was overcast, but refreshing. It was perfect, not too cold, not too hot. We visited a few boutiques in Coronado and then took the Ferry ride to Seaport Village in Downtown.


San Diego is so beautiful. The weather is great and there is so much to do. Every time my husband and I visit, we wonder why we don’t live there.  🙂 We love Arizona and have established our marriage there, but there is nothing like living close to family, friends and the amazing city of San Diego! If it is God’s will for us to go back, we will, but for now, we continue to sacrifice for a hope for a more stable future. You can read a little more about that here. And then you can enjoy some amazing pictures of my beloved hometown.


wpid-img_20140524_135344468.jpgAnd being that it was Memorial Weekend, our location was very appropriate to remember those who sacrificed their life for our freedom in this country. I was amazed to see this giant statue of an American iconic picture taken when World War II ended.

wpid-img_20140524_150712.jpgAnd of course, I just had to take a picture with my husband to reenact the same pose, except for we need a little more practice AND there should NOT be a weirdo in the background!!

coronadoTo those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom and who have lost a loved one serving in the military, we are so grateful for you. Thank you.



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