A Love Note


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One major thing a spouse can do to create a Happy Home is writing a love note for their loved one. A simple “I Love You” note can be written in less than a minute, but the effect it causes will leave a lasting impression and contribute to a happy marriage, hence a Happy Home.  Something so small and plain like a piece of paper ripped out of a spiral notebook (it doesn’t have to be classy, it just needs to be hand written) can bring a huge smile and a warm heart to an unsuspecting loved one. That is exactly what I did yesterday. Sometimes you have to improvise, but I have written notes on cute stationary and even post-its! The point is to do it unexpectedly, lovingly and have fun with it. 

I arrived home last night after a long day at work and a long drive to be with my loved ones. I parked my car next to my husband’s and I got the idea to write him a love note to show him how much I love him.  Of course for me, it is hard to write a short note for my honey because I have a whole lot of love for him and I just have to express myself. 🙂 I looked in my purse for a pen and a piece of paper I could write on. I didn’t find a paper, but I remembered my planner has a notes section in the back so I just pulled out a sheet and wrote sweet little somethings to my love. I folded it and placed it inside my husband’s car where I knew he would see it.

I completely forgot about that note until my husband called me on his way to work this morning. He LOVED the note. It made him feel special, it brought a smile to his face and best of all, it made him happy. Score! It was a great way to start our early morning.  We’re one note closer to a Happy Home! I encourage you to try it! It’ll make your spouse feel loved AND it will make you feel good too.

Share the love, write a note and tell me about it! 


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