Two Things You Can Do During Your Lunch Break for Free

Do you ever go to work on Monday thinking how fast the weekend went and how you didn’t even get the chance to vacuum your car even though you had made a mental note with exclamation marks?!! That was me today, and I do not want to go the rest of the week driving a dirty car, but when do I find the time to do it when I don’t get home  until sundown? During my hour lunch break, that’s when!

I drove over to a nearby car wash that offers FREE vacuum on this beautiful sunny afternoon. 


I got my supplies ready and vacuumed and wiped the inside of my car.


On my way back to the office, I noticed a couple ladies taking a walk.  They were wearing professional attire and walking shoes.  I appreciated seeing these women taking the time to do something out of the ordinary during their work break and healthy for them too!


And, this is what I looked like after my little escape from the office. There you have it, proof, you don’t have to wear t-shirts and yoga pants to get things done. 🙂


It took me 30 minutes total to get to the car wash, vacuum and wipe the inside of my car and get back to the office. I arrived with time to spare to eat my lunch!

Any other suggestions what you can do during lunch for free?


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