A Day In My Life: Wife, Mother, Career Advisor

Here is a post to give you a glimpse of my life. Currently, I am a wife, a mother of two little boys, and I work full time as a Career Advisor. I made an effort to capture my daily routine by taking a lot of pictures and sharing them as a way to remember my life as it is now in 2014; I think it would be interesting to look back at this “Day In My Life” and see how crazy life was. So here is what my normal Monday-Friday routine looks like:


The first thing I did today was grab my phone, sat up on my bed, and snapped this picture of my alarm clock.  I wake up really early, the sun doesn’t even rise until about 7 am, so it’s really tempting to fall back to sleep. Thankfully, today, I was planning to take pictures so that helped give me a little oomph to get out of bed. Usually when I’m trying to convince myself to get out of bed and stop pressing the snooze button, I try to think of at least one thing I have to look forward to in the day.  That’s my little secret, try it, it might help you! 🙂

I usually make my bed as soon as I get up, but on days like today, when I find this in my bed I don’t. You understand, right? 


After freshening up, and saying “good morning” to my Babe, I head over to the kitchen where I spend the next thirty minutes packing lunch and making breakfast. Can you believe my husband wakes up before me?! And I bet you thought I woke up early?


I usually make Cream of Wheat or Oatmeal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. Once I’m done with breakfast and lunch, I kiss the hubby goodbye and hope he has a great day. 


At about 5:30, I finish the dishes I used to prepare lunch and head over to pray and read the Bible. I grab a blanket and read on my bed, but since it was being occupied by a very cute 2 year old, I decided to sit on my comfy rocking chair. It is one of my favorite spots in my home. I read at least one prayer from The Valley of Vision. I recommend this book, the prayers are so deep, I wish I could pray like the puritans did back in the day!!


I have two alarms set on my cell phone. One goes off at 6:15, that’s when my quiet time ends and I head over to get ready.  The second alarm goes off at 7 am. That’s when I wake up my boys and beg encourage them to wake up. I usually try to get them to look forward to something too, especially for my older boy. The little one doesn’t understand yet, he’ll wake up just to eat. He is a good eater! I get them dressed before their feet touch the floor. Then they wash up and head over to the kitchen table to have breakfast.


While they eat, I head over to the car to take the lunch bags, cups, Ethan’s bag of extra clothes and blankets, and a bouquet of red roses my sweet husband bought for me for Valentine’s Day last week. I had Noah take this picture of me so I can show you how many things I have to carry out of my home everyday. You can kind of see Noah in the picture. 😀 Some days I have my two year old in my arms in addition to all these bags and those are the days I wish I had three arms.


Here we are at a red light on the way to school. I took a picture of this handsome kid.


Noah took this one of Ethan, didn’t it come out good? You can kind of see Noah in the picture again. I love it!


Feeling left out of all the picture taking, Ethan insisted that he take a picture too. So here is his snapshot of me and Noah. Not bad for a two year old. 🙂


Ethan and I walk Noah to his class although I’m usually carrying Ethan and Noah’s lunch and water cup.


My favorite part is when Noah and Ethan hug and kiss goodbye. They seriously love each other a lot and do this on their own, every single day! I just stand back and watch. My heart melts!



After the hugs and kisses, Ethan and I head off to drop him off at daycare.  But, he insists on visiting the birds they have in the preschool building, so we go and say good morning and count the birds.


Then, he insists on standing on this rock, one more time, for like five times.


After the fifth “one more time” I take him to the mommy bus kicking and crying to stand on the rock “one more time.” This was not fun at all. He seriously needs to learn the meaning of “one more time!” I get us both strapped in safely in the car and head off to Ethan’s daycare. I am grateful for the carpool lane on the freeway, it saves me so much time and I am able to pass SO many vehicles. It’s just sad how many lonely drivers commute every day.


When we arrived at the daycare, I noticed this van with the door open. The parent had left the door open while they took their child to class. I thought it was hilarious because I’ve done that before. It’s embarrassing coming back to your car, finding the door wide open for all to see. I just had to take a picture, lol!


Ethan had taken his shoes off in the car and put them on before getting off. He put them on wrong  and then insisted on putting them on right.  So, we stop for him to “fix it”, isn’t he cute! He doesn’t care that the clock is ticking and Mommy needs to get to work! Oh, to be a kid; I wish I was a kid again, don’t you!?


I took him in to class, signed him in, left him crying for me, which is the norm. A couple times I’ve spied on him after dropping him off and found him playing as a “knight” with armor on or simply chasing after his friends. He just cries to torture me. It’s his routine. It’s so I know he loves me.


Traffic was not bad at all the remaining part of my journey. I pass the Shamrock Factory on my way to work and look forward to seeing their sign. It tells me the temperature and the time. Today was a perfect 66 degrees and I was right on time. Ten minutes to go and I’d be at work. Finally! Aren’t my mornings so long? I’d already been awake at least 4 hours before I actually had to be in the office! Crazy huh?


Almost there. See the buildings?wpid-IMG_20140218_085749268.jpg

So close! I love the colors of the downtown buildings in Phoenix. And, the sky is my favorite thing to look at! It’s so beautiful!


Here is the parking lot across the street from my work. I can see downtown.


Here is what I see every morning as I walk into work.


And this is what I see when I open my door to my office. I eat my breakfast as I read and respond to my e-mails.


This is my view from my chair. Don’t the flowers look beautiful? I like how they add color to my office.


I need to do something with this board, I’m not sure what though.


And, these files keep me company throughout the day, every day. Sometimes I have to give myself incentives like this orange to keep me focused.


During lunch I like to read or write on my blog. It’s my “me” time.


Today I read an ebook I “bought” for free on Amazon called 24/6 by Dr. Matthew Sleeth and did my nails. 🙂


At the end of the work day, I open the door and see the downtown buildings. I just like the view a lot, don’t you? The sun is setting and it’s time to get back on the road to pick up Ethan. He has long days too.


He’s usually hungry for a snack when I pick him up. (My boys can snack all day long!)


When we get home, I put something comfortable on and start dinner. We had spaghetti tonight. It’s one of my favorite dishes to make since it’s quick and easy.

wpid-IMG_20140218_184759677.jpg wpid-IMG_20140218_185201171.jpg




I wash some dishes as dinner is being made. And a secret to minimizing the dishes afterward is using paper plates! We eat as a family and pray before we eat. We thank God for the food He provides us and for keeping us safe while we were apart. Ethan says “God is good” and Noah prays for people who do not know Jesus and are unable to attend a church. Sometimes my husband reads us scripture. Other times we just do silly things and laugh a lot. It’s a really nice time for us as a family to be together at the end of a long day.


After dinner, I pack our lunch if we have leftovers.


I get the boys ready for bed and read them a story, if I have the energy. I try to do it every night because I know they like it.


I try to leave the kitchen clean before bedtime. It really makes a difference to the start of my day when the dishes, counters and stove are clean! Don’t you agree the flowers my hubby got me look beautiful?! I love him!


I was able to get to bed at 9 today. I was so tired at the end of the day and I’m so thankful to be able to rest on a comfy bed at the end of the day.  My favorite way to end the day is next to my hubby, reading a book side by side.

Ah, so this is a day in my life.  It’s crazy, and sometimes there are breaks in the routine and that’s always fun and refreshing.  I am grateful for everything, especially the weekends!! I am blessed, even with these long days. I know I will miss this time in my life one day and I want to make the best of every moment.

So there you go, a glimpse in my life.  The Lord has brought me so far; it’s hard to believe I was living in a college dorm room by myself seven years ago!  

**This post was written in two days, so “today” was actually Tuesday, 02/18/14.  Did you catch that on my alarm clock? It’s hard for me to blog in real time. I rather sleep, lol. 


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