100 Days of Kindergarten and Telling a White Lie

smartYesterday was Noah’s 100th day of kindergarten.  I can’t believe it’s been 100 days.  100 days of dropping off, picking up; 100 lunches packed in the EARLY morning, 100 days of running around to get Noah to school on time. No wonder I’m exhausted!

Apparently, the 100th day is a big deal.  So big, that it deserves a celebration of some sort.  And, what better way to celebrate the 100th day, which happened to land on a Show and Tell Thursday, than to bring in 100 things to share?! Yep, that was the the assigment.  I didn’t really take it seriously until we were just about to head out the door yesterday morning when Noah reminded me of his 100 things. He insisted on taking 100 things, he said: “please Mommy, give me beans, rice, anything.”

Okay, I decided Noah should be responsible and take his homework assignment, haha. I grabbed a ziploc bag and poured about 100 pieces of rice inside.  What do 100 pieces of rice look like anyway?? I did not have time nor the desire to sit and count 100 rice. How in the world did I ever make it through kindergarten? I put the bag of rice in Noah’s folder and off we went to experience the day.

Later in the evening, I asked Noah about his presentation of his 100 things. He said he didn’t want to lie and told the teacher that his mommy put the rice in the bag and it’s not even 100 pieces of rice at all because his mommy didn’t count them. I could not stop laughing out loud. It was a good laugh. It made Noah laugh too, although I don’t think he knew why I was laughing. I asked him what the teacher said and he told me “she was laughing just like you.”

Well, there you go. I don’t think this mommy is going to get a good grade in kindergarten.

I must say, I appreciate my son’s innocence and conviction to tell the truth, even when it’s a small thing like the amount of rice in a plastic bag. I was tempted to tell him he shouldn’t have said anything to the teacher, but I stopped myself because I was about to encourage my son to tell a white lie, to mislead someone into believing something that is not true. Thinking about Jesus, I am reminded that he told his disciples: “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” Just like my son was convicted to tell the truth, as Christians, we need to be sensitive to speaking the trutih; even a white lie as small as it may seem, is still a lie. We are called to tell the truth. {Proverbs 12:22}

Sometimes, it is our children teaching us life lessons, instead of us exclusively teaching them.  We too need to pay attention.

I am grateful for this reminder.


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