A Grace Filled Morning


Today is an excellent day. Although, there is nothing too out of the ordinary, except that today’s Monday morning was actually Tuesday, thanks to the Martin Luther Kind Jr. holiday! I woke up looking forward to a 4 day work week, which somehow made it easier to get out of bed. What helped make today excellent was the time, there seemed to be plenty of it.  I got  up, made my bed, freshened up a bit, headed over to the kitchen to pack lunch. Thankfully, I had made sandwiches the night before, and some amazing baked yam chips. I simply assembled the lunches as I got the water boiling for our breakfast usual, Cream of Wheat. all before 5am.

I kissed my husband as he headed out the door and I headed over to my room for my morning devotion with the Lord. After I got dressed and ready to go, I woke up my boys from their deep sleep.  Thankfully, they didn’t give me too much of  a hard time and before long, Ethan was sitting on my lap having his breakfast as Noah caught a few more Zzzzz’s. Eventually, 7:30am came around the clock and it was time for us to make our way out the door. It would have been any easy transition as we were right on time. The kind of on time that means you are actually early, what an amazing feeling!

But then, a sudden halt to my day happened.  I searched the inside of my purse for my car keys three times and each time the keys did not appear. 😦 I looked inside pockets, on counter tops, asked my boys if they had seen them, and kept looking and found nothing. It was about 7:45am and I thought if I found the keys we would still make it to school on time! Well, at least in this case it’d be the kind of on time that means you barely scraped on by. I ended up calling my husband at work to see if he could check to see if he had them.  He eventually found them in his car. Ah, really? And I’m over here striving to improve my grade in kindergarten!

Thankfully, I don’t have anything major due at work today and I can do reading lessons with Noah and Ethan can hang out and play with his toy guns and cars all day long. Instead of being upset today, I am choosing to embrace the kind of day God has surprisingly blessed me with. I am home with my babies, what more could I want?

Today is an excellent day indeed.


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