Random Act of Kindness Part 2

random acts of kindness p2Thinking about what had happened the previous day, how some random stranger whom I will never know paid for my Starbucks coffee, I decided I would do a random act of kindness too. It would be my way of paying the good deed forward to another random stranger.  That morning. I dropped my oldest son, Noah, off at school and headed to McDonald’s for a cup of coffee.  After ordering my coffee, I pulled up to the window to pay. I hesitated a little to give the cashier my money so that I could hear the man (in what seemed to be a camouflaged colored F-150 monster truck) place his order.  Sheesh, I’m not good at remembering vehicle models at all! My heart was pacing and I was getting nervous. I was hoping his order would be within my cash budget, and thankfully it was! He ordered something cheap and I had the exact change in my hand! I handed the cashier my cash and told her to tell the man I said “God bless”.  I took off and picked up my order at the next window. I did not have to wait long at all and I wish I did so that I could have time to put my money away.  I grabbed my drink and headed to the back of the McDonald’s to pull out on the street I needed to get on.  I took a moment to put my change away before I got on the busy street.  I then saw the man in the monster truck coming behind me, so I threw my wallet on the passenger seat and turned onto the far lane of the busy street in order to make a left turn.  The man did too! At the red light, I got to put my wallet away and I refused to look at my rear view mirror.  I was so embarrassed, I didn’t want him to see me.  I really wanted his experience to be like mine was, I never got to see who paid for my order the day before.  Well, it didn’t turn out that way for me. We ended up driving side by side for about 3 long blocks before I got to get on the freeway and go a different way. Awkward. I was feeling happy and excited about what I had just done and I really hope the man was happy too.  I wonder if he saw the smile on my face, I think I smiled all the way to the freeway.  Lol! It was a neat experience, I want to do it again.  The next time, however, I will have to plan it out differently so that it would be a little more anonymous. 😉 

Tell me about  your random act of kindness, received or given.  Was it awkward, yet fun and exciting? 


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