I Got A Bad Grade in Kindergarten and My Strategy to Improve

Does anyone else feel like your kid’s report card is really your report card? Like the person the teacher is really grading is you, the parent,  instead of your child?


Take the amount of tardies for example? Is it your child’s fault for arriving late to school or are you the one in charge of what time you all have to be out the door in the morning? Do yo

u sleep in, press the snooze button once, twice, x? Do you get distracted and start picking up your home, wash a few dishes, take out the trash? Do you get distracted with housework even after you snoozed more than once!!

One final thing parents get graded on is the amount of absences their kids have. Was your child really sick for 11 days within a period of 4 months? Add a few holidays, weekends, and Christmas vacation into this time frame and you’ll realize it’s a whole lot less than 4 whole months to have your kid miss school! In my case, my son was out of school for 5 days because he had surgery to remove his appendix.  That’s understandable, but what about the other absences? I can’t recall. 😦

Here’s another example to prove the teacher is actually grading you, the parent. What about your child’s incomplete homework assignments? Did your child not do their homework assignments as their teacher told them to do, or did you not hold them accountable for finishing up their assignment before they went to bed that night, before they spent an hour watching television, or playing games??

When I was in school, my mom had a fantastic report card. She had no tardies, a few absences (only because I was really sick), and she was a straight A parent. All those years, I thought it was me. Until I became the parent and got my first report card from my 5 year old son. I don’t remember feeling like I couldn’t swallow when I showed my mom my report card. I really felt like I let my family down for my lack of discipline and ability to manage my time, especially in the mornings! I have not been doing such a great job showing my son how to get to places without having to rush from point A to point B.  It’s certainly a challenge to wake up early and take care of other people besides myself. There is breakfast to be made, lunches to be packed, ironing, shaving…etc. who has time for it all?! But, I am that parent who presses the snooze button more than once and I also get distracted with housework. I have to learn to set priorities and stick to tackling the most important first! Getting my kids fed before school is much more important than making the beds. I’m learning that as much as I try, I can’t do it all. I’m a full time working mom who has to drive two kids to two separate locations before arriving to work, (thank God for carpool)! I can’t leave my home immaculate before I leave for the day, at least not when I have the habit of pressing the snooze button! 

So here are my top 5 priorities for the day, everything else can wait:

  1. Make Breakfast
  2. Pack Lunches
  3. Read the Bible
  4. Get Self and Kids Ready
  5. Eat Breakfast

Now that I realized that I am getting my report cards as a parent, I need to step up my game and do what I did great when I was a student. I want to set my son up for success, beginning now, in Kindergarten! {I can hear some cheering going on in the background, and clapping too. Ah, sweet sound of encouragement.} I know I can do this. I can improve my grade by the end of this school year. I will show the teacher, I can pass Kindergarten with straight check marks and no tardies! 

Let’s Chat: Have you ever had a bad report card as a parent?  Do you have any tips on managing time in the morning? 


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