Fun & Frugal

yard salesa friend invited me to go to yard sales with her last saturday. i heard people can get some pretty sweet deals on things and even make a profit by reselling them, so i was definitely interested. she picked me up at 5am and treated me to coffee and a pastry at a local bakery. as a wife, mommy and full time employee, i rarely get some girl time and i was grateful for the fellowship and adventure! i am also grateful my husband took care of the kids, i wouldn’t have been able to do so without him, thanks babe!
after our morning treat, we headed over to a senior community. everyone we met was friendly and welcoming. some people even had free things to take like bags of potpourri and candles! I ♥ old people!! the first thing i bought was a pizza pan for a quarter, i was shocked when the lady said it cost twenty five cents. i almost felt like i was robbing her, i couldn’t believe the price! with that first sweet deal, i was hooked, i was excited to see what else i would find and how much money i could save! we went to a few other homes driving down random streets in an unfamiliar community and looking for signs. i couldn’t believe people didn’t mind the rainy weather, there were signs that said “rain or shine”. we went to a couple estate sales where we walked inside people’s homes. it’s amazing what you could find! by the end of our little scavenger hunt, i had bought a bunch of picture frames for ten cents to fifty cents each, two purses for one and two dollars, a diy book for 2 dollars and a tool for my husband for five dollars, this was the most expensive thing i bought. i ♥ my husband! 🙂  i also got a pretty vase for two dollars and a handmade pottery vase for free! it was valued at 15 dollars, but the guy who actually made it gave it to me! my friend also given something amazing he made and super useful too. plus, he and his wife ended up being neighbors with my friend’s grandmother in maine for many years! so random! all in all i spent sixteen dollars on nineteen things (i forgot to include a wooden dish drying rack that i got for one dollar and the pizza pan in the picture). i had a lot of fun with my friend and i am so proud i saved us money! my husband was happy with what i got and his happiness makes me extra happy! all in all, it was a great day! i can’t wait to do it again!


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