Simple Saturday Fun & Savings

Saturday we were a little more enthusiastic about saving money than usual since my husband and I have decided to try the cash envelope system for EVERYTHING minus bills. Our whole transition to all cash will have to be saved {haha} and talked about in another post because today’s post is how my family and I saved money AND still had a fun time together outside our home.

Being cautious about HOW we were going to spend our hard earned money, my husband took our little ones for a walk to the bank to get cash to put in our cash envelope. The boys love being out doors, they have a whole lot of energy to burn and my husband and I both work full time so most errands have to be made on the weekends, so a walk to the bank was like a win win kind of a thing.

Yes, a walk to the bank was a Happy activity because: 1. we saved money on gas 2. it helped to burn off some major boy energy 3. it got an errand crossed off the to do list 4. it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Phoenix, AZ and 5. did I mention that this mommy had some quiet alone time at home by herself?! oh yeah! It pays to live so close to a variety of stores, banks, and restaurants; you just have to be able to say “NO!” to overspending!!

When my boys came back, we had lunch and then decided we would take a walk to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream since we had a gift card and the weather in Phoenix Arizona is so special, we are able to enjoy ice cream in November!

We took a nice little stroll to the ice cream store and it was a well spent $4 after the gift card was applied. My husband and I shared a perfect portion of coffee ice cream and pecans and the boys each got their own flavored ice cream. Fun can be spread out, costly activities outside the home do not all have to happen in one day. We saved money by keeping our Saturday Simple. We stayed home the majority of the day, which is always nice for us since we are at work during the week. We took a pleasant walk to the local ice cream store, hand in hand and sometimes stopping to pick dandelions. Ultimately, I don’t think my kids are going to remember how much money we spent, but will remember the amount of time we spent with them.

My husband and I enjoyed this Simple Saturday Fun & Savings so much that we are going to do something like this every Saturday. I’ll share ideas on what we did to save money and spend quality time with our family, so stay tuned!


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