Financially Free

I want to be financially free.

I want to know what it feels to be able to make a major purchase without relying on a creditor.

I want to be able to do more with my money instead of it leaving my bank account faster than it takes to be deposited.

I want to breathe easy, knowing I can afford an unexpected expense.

What will it take to be financially free? Commitment.

How would it feel to know I can decide what I want to spend my hard earned money on without relying on a third party? GREAT!

When can I start to be financially free? Now.


Why is it important? Debt feels like I have a ball and chain hanging onto my ankle and I take it every where. If I am not careful, my children will grow up one day and have that same

 ball and chain passed down to them as well. Maybe not my debt, but their own for lack of knowledge. My children need to know that not all purchases are necessary, you can do without and be happy. Debt leads to stress and unhappiness. I’ve traveled that road and I’m not happy, it’s time to turn around and go the other way. I’m taking the road less traveled, especially here in America.

Who is with me? My husband! We seriously were made for each other, we feel the same about getting rid of debt and minimizing our expenses to have the happiest home in the city ever! Yeah!

Our family motto: “zero debt zero stress“.

We are committed to each other, to our kids, to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to being financially set free!



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