the 4 step dish challenge

dishesa cluttered sink full of dirty dishes weighs me down and overwhelms me.  in contrast, a clean and cleared sink lifts a huge burden off my shoulders. dirty dishes quickly multiply in my home. i spend too much time in the kitchen, mainly because of the dishes. the sink draws me in and holds me captive for almost an hour every day, especially in the evenings when we are home the most. i have to change that. 

if it weren’t for the dishes, i’d be able to spend more time with my husband and kids. i’d also have ‘me’ time which is very rare.

here is what i’m planning on challenging myself to tackle the dish problem at hand: 🙂

  1. i’m making it a point to use less dishes. i’m getting my family on board with this too. less dishes=less time washing them.
  2. i’m going to wash as i go.  the concept of  “clean as you go” will be applied here. i want to have the dirty dish turn around time be as minimal as can be.
  3.  wash remaining dirty dishes from dinner after my little boys are in bed. we eat dinner pretty late which means their bedtime is soon after dinner time.  this time after dinner will be devoted to family, not dishes.
  4. wash dishes and clean sink at the end of every day. every. single. day. a clean kitchen helps me feel refreshed and ready to start my day, able to conquer anything! in contrast, a dirty one makes me want to go back into bed in defeat.

this challenge starts today and i will track my progress and see what a difference this has made in one week. i’m looking forward to having a clean kitchen every night before bed time! yeah!


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