Creating a Happy Home in the City


one year i grew up, got married, moved far away from what i called home, started my career, had a child, then i had another child. six years later, i am realizing that i’m not all that grown up after all and there are areas in my life that i seriously need to tackle and grow. let me side track here and say school does not prepare you for the real world! i’m warning you! you think textbooks and homework prepares you to be a wife, a mom, a super hero. no, it doesn’ need something way bigger than that to help you. you need faith. faith in God. faith in yourself.  faith. yes, it’s so important to know for yourself that even when life throws things at you you think you can’t handle, God knows you can and he will guide you to get through it.  it’s true. you also need grace because if/when you fail, you need to give yourself grace and accept God’s grace and keep going.  i’m totally preaching to myself is complicated isn’t it? and it gets tougher when you fall in love, move far away from home, start working and paying bills, have a child, and another one…it’s like a growing snowball that can crush you, if you let it. but, there is hope. i am forever grateful for God’s instruction manual for us.  seriously, if you’re lost, start by praying to God and reading the Bible.  you can simply start by reading a chapter in proverbs a day.  don’t make it hard. it’s all good, just open the word and read. it’s like exercising, it takes discipline to stop with all the excuses and actually do it! you will feel better when you do.  for real. try it. tell me about it. 🙂

There are 5 major categories in life i think are the most important. yes, they are in order.

1.  faith. yes, God created the universe and everything in it, including you and me. we were created by God to worship him.  God must come first in our lives, because he literally holds your life in his hands. so fear him. and revere him. and lose yourself in his love for you because he really loves you. why else would he send his only son to die a horrible death on a cross for you? he did it to save you from a horrible death and call you his own. he is our heavenly Father, just call out to him and he will redeem you.

2. health. we need to love ourselves before we can truly love others, right? i mean you need to nourish yourself physically, mentally, spiritually to be what you were made to be. strive to be healthy, your older self will thank you.

3. family. if you are a wife, you need to love and respect your husband. it’s your duty. ditto for the husband too, love your wife, good things come from loving her. really. if you have kids, you need to love and take care of them that means discipline too. respect your parents, call them to say hi every once in a while. they’ll love it.

3. career. if you want to keep and grow your career, do a good job at it. otherwise, you may not have it for too much longer. you need to pay your bills, on time. your job helps you with that.

5. people. be kind to people. call your friends to encourage them with positive things. treat others like you want to be treated.  remind people in your life that they are loved and cared for. it’s true. plus, you never know when will be the last time you see them and you’ll miss them. trust me.

when i grow up i want to be known as the best wife to my husband and the best mommy to my children. God gives me meaning in life and my family is my purpose.  

i want to be a thoughtful daughter, sister, niece, and cousin (i am blessed to have an extremely large family). i want to be a great friend who encourages others and points them to Jesus. i also want to be a good cook, great homemaker, and i’d also love to be healthy. i want to be more disciplined,  organized and creative. i want to be gracious, tactful, and have a more positive attitude. i want to be debt free and have no financial stress ever! i want to be better at my day job and take every opportunity to bless and help others in need. i am fortunate to be able to do that for a living! i want my family to be my day job. it’s hard being a full time working wife & mom, have you ever tried it? i want to homeschool and have a big family. most importantly, i want to read the Bible everyday and pray awesome prayers just like the puritans did back in the day. amazing people! i want to do great things and give God all the glory because apart from him, i am nothing. it’s true.

each day, i want to strive to create a more happy home in the city because i live in the city, i have all my life.  and, lucky for you, this blog will track my progress and you’ll get to cheer me on! the 5 categories i listed are the main areas i want to improve and i will write tips i learn along the way to creating a happy home.  you can get involved too and create your own happy home wherever you are. our effort will make it all worthwhile, for sure. and best of all our family and friends will appreciate the difference.  i’m pretty sure we will be pretty darn proud of ourselves as well. so, really, i can’t wait to get started on this journey to growing up.   who’s with me?! here. we. go.



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