5 ways to make exercise fun

exerciseexercising is not easy. yeah, it takes a lot of energy once you are working out, but it takes a whole lot more just to be able to actually do it.

my mind, for example, paces back and forth, frantically, trying to come up with different reasons why i shouldn’t go do it.

my to do list and priorities seem to grow and there is a greater need for me to do so many other things besides working out.

but, exercising is important. it’s important to me, my husband and my overall health. oh, and i need a lot of energy to chase after my boys. in case you didn’t know, boys are very active. they can jump up and down, roll around, and run in place all while telling you about their day. i get tired just watching them.

the other day i decided to drop my to do list and go exercise play with them. it was great! we raced one another and played hide and go seek. i got a great workout while spending time with my boys. it was fun. can you believe it? working out was actually fun!

so, it got me thinking, what are other ways of making exercise fun? here is a list i thought about, i have tried each one and it really makes a difference in getting me motivated to workout, because i don’t know about you, but i enjoy having fun!

5 ways to make exercise fun:

1. play with your kids-use their energy for your own advantage. they’ll think you’re playing with them, and you are, but you are burning calories while spending time with your kids. it’s a win win!

2. plan your day around running-avoid the excuses and plan to exercise before you do anything else on your to do list.  if it’s at the top of your list, you are sure to check it off and start your day off feeling accomplished! who doesn’t like feeling accomplished and crossing things off their to do lists?

3. mentally prepare yourself for a run-prepare the night before even if you have to! get your workout clothes ready, or sleep in them! get up throw your shoes on and head out the door, or to your living room. exercising won’t be so bad if you prepare yourself to do it. try it!

4. reward yourself after a run-take an extra long shower, go for a walk and observe God’s beautiful creation around you, eat ice cream have a smoothie with your family. what do you enjoy?

5. get other people involved in your run- workout with someone or share the fact that you ran: i.e share it on facebook, high-five your neighbor, instagram your workout experience.

do you have any tips on making exercise fun? 


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